First thing's first. A big HIGH-FIVE to you for being one of the special people who support breastfeeding moms and babies! If you are considering whether breastfeeding is for you, or for someone you love, you might want to think about the amazing benefits...
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A bit about Maryam...
     Well let's see, I studied Dental Hygiene at the University of Southern California, but never had a chance to actually practice. I met Brian, fell in love and got married all in one summer, "the summer of love." 
      The theme for our wedding was based on this line of a prayer, "Make Thou this marriage to bring forth coral and pearls." And literally, that's just what it did. We had our own little honeymoon-baby and decided to name him Coral. 19 months later we had his brother Sky.
     In November 2011 we decided to pack up our little family in San Diego and try the slow life on the North Shore of Oahu. The day before we flew over, we found out we were expecting our third baby. And... what do you know... It's another boy! We named him Ocean

     I wanted to create Milk-Friendly because I didn't want to lose my fashion identity while breastfeeding. I needed an outlet where I could combine my passion for fashion and my yearning to support other breastfeeding moms. I hope Milk-Friendly is a warm and welcoming place where readers can find fashion ideas that fit in with their new honorable lifestyle, and at the stores they already know and love.
     And yes, I may be a breastfeeding advocate, but I also know that it is not as easy, or as natural as you would think it is. After my own struggles with breastfeeding, I learned that the most important key to success is to surround yourself with all the support you can get (before there's a problem.) So go out there and get yourself some breastfeeding cheerleaders and be sure to find yourself an awesome lactation consultant.

Milk-Friendly is a place for inspiration, affirmation and connectivity. Please feel free to come join the conversation and share your story, your thoughts, and your "milk-friendly" tips & tricks!

 P.S. Want to know the best wedding song EVER???
'A Wave of Tenderness', written by my lovely cousin Kelsey Bahiyyih Bulkin. Put together and performed for our wedding, inspired by the coral and pearl prayer.
Kelsey Bahiyyih Bulkin

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