Monday, April 22, 2013


Hi my Milk-friendlies! 
     There are just a few more hours left to enter my big birthday giveaway (Did you ENTER yet?) and I have to say that as I am reading through all of your giveaway comments, it was painfully clear that when you are a mom, ME TIME takes on a whole different meaning! The bare essentials like showering, sitting down for some tea, reading, exercise and the such is what real moms called FREE TIME. So so true. But do you know what? These little humans are ALL worth it :)
     Next, I just wanted to mention a few more things about some of the sponsors for the giveaway (in case you powered through those entry items and wanted to know a little more about some of the prizes), so here we go...
     This is my personal new venture and I have to say that it's both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time! I am in the midst of creating a new surf brand that's inspired by our beach surroundings here in Hawaii and the concept of world unity. I am hoping to have a mini launch by the end of this week. If you want to grab a shirt or onesie for you little ones, keep in touch through facebook and instagram because there will be very limited quantities for the mini launch. 

    If you are looking for maternity/nursing bras that combine comfort, cute styles, back closures AND affordability, the new Loving Moments line from Leading Lady is that perfect bra for you. I was astonished at the quality and comfort of these bras that Leading Lady sent me to try. Being exclusively sold at Walmart, it puts these cute bras at a price point that many pregnant and nursing moms can afford, lending you the chance to really deck out your breastfeeding bra collection. 

     I had the opportunity to receive a Boobie Box courtesy of Lucky Mama Boxes and let me tell you something... I was thoroughly impressed! It's the perfect all-around gift to order for yourself and for ever new mom on the block. This little box is FULL of ever little thing a new breastfeeding mama will need. Even lactation cookies. Did I mention there were cookies?

    If you're looking for a fancier maternity/nursing bra, You! Lingerie has got the goods! I had the chance to try their Sexy You! Maternity Nursing Bra (courtesy of You! Lingerie) and it has turned into my favorite nursing bra. As fancy and lacy as it looks, it's actually incredibly comfortable and gives the "girls" some amazing lift. I am on the small side in that region (a 32B) but they offer up to 38H. I would definitely add one of their bras to your breastfeeding arsenal!



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