Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{FORTUNA FAMILY HAPPENINGS}: Packing Up and Giving Away

     Today is one of those "housekeeping" posts, you know, one where I babble on about all the tasks I need to get done around here.
    To begin, we are moving out! After 17 months of "trying out" island life on the North Shore of Oahu, we are happy to say that we want this to be home. The owners of the place we've been leasing is ready to kick back and enjoy the island life and move back into this home. We are taking this gentle nudge to move things forward, put our things into storage, go travel for a few months and come back to figure out the next step.
   That whole "putting things into storage" leads me to my next item of business- MY CLOSET.  To my own astonishment, I am letting go of things left and right (I tend to be a hoarder). Yes, I have a new yearning for simplifying my world, but to be honest, with all my recent post-baby weight loss, I just don't fit into things like I used to. So for you, my lovely shoppers, that means you get some pretty awesome things. On top of that, I am selling $20 by the pound sets of clothing. Basically, everything I can fit in a package, under the one pound weight limit is your's. You can view my closet on my Instagram shop, @shopmilkfriendly and I also re-post on Twitter if you're over there too.

     Next, I turn 28 on Thursday. WHOOP! I'll be doing something low-key with my family, but on this here blog, we can celebrate with a giveaway par-tay. I want to honor my sweet, sweet readers and host a giveaway of my current favorite things for YOU to win. With that, if you are not already an email subscriber, I'd go ahead and take care of that HERE so you don't miss out on anything.

:::::Here's a peek at some of the giveaway items:::::

See you back here for the giveaway!


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