Monday, March 25, 2013

{DIY}: Make Your Own No Sew Nursing Cover

     Ok folks, here it is. The easiest, cheapest, quickest nursing cover you'll ever make. You got that right! All you'll need is some scissors, an old/cheap/thrifted (preferably men's) shirt and your own two hands.
     First I have a backstory (and feel free to skip over it so you can just get to the nitty gritty). So, a couple years ago, for my oldest son's 3rd birthday, we threw him a superhero party. I found this DIY on how to make superhero capes out of t-shirts. It was awesome. Then fast forward a year and a half later to this past Halloween. My children are (still) obsessed with superheroes and our family dresses up as various Avenger members. My youngest baby (aka Baby Hulk) is just 3 months old, so he would obviously be nursing 'round the clock. We had literally minutes to get ready and out the door to trick-or-treat because ny husband (who was dressed as Thor) only had one hour off from work that night. So we ran out the door and hit the streets at lightning speed. It came that time when baby was getting fussy and was ready to nurse to sleep. With all the Halloween commotion, baby wasn't having it and wouldn't settle down to nurse. So I then proceeded to steal Thor's red cape (one of the ones I made for the b-day party) and I put it around my neck, but faced the cape part over the baby. The world slowed down for baby and he nursed his way to dreamland. 
     THEN IT HIT ME. I just discovered the easiest nursing cover known to man.

  • First, please don't be overly-impressed by my superb doodling skills. 
  • Then, go grab yourself an old t-shirt, maybe one from a man's closet, or one from the thrift store, or this one I used that was 5 bucks from Old Navy. You sort of want it a little bigger so there's more width to work with. Also, the V-Neck is cool because it kind of acts like the peek-a-boo aspect of legitimate nursing covers.
  • Then some scissors

     Now imagine that you have the shirt on, and you want just the front of the shirt and the neckline for the nursing cover (sorry, I am a visual learner.) Then do a little snippet next to the collar on the shoulder. Just a tiny one, heading toward the back of the shirt (I snipped too far to the front.) 
     And then cut around the neck collar. Next, down the shoulder seam all the way down to the end of the sleeve. Keep the sleeves there until the very end. You can try it on, checking out the width and keep them if you feel like you want more coverage, or snip them off if you don't need them. 
Cute assistants really help too.
     Then from the armpit, cut outward passed the side seam and into the back of the shirt. Again, you want to give yourself plenty of width so you can trim it down as needed. 
    And that's it, my friends. You just made yourself a nursing cover in 5 minutes. Plus it's lightweight and easy to throw just about anywhere. 


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