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{Special Fashion Trends Preview}: FALL 2011

I am overly excited for today's guest post! My girl Ashley OOZES fashion. I can remember us as kids, and she would always be ahead of the trends and wearing things we wouldn't see mainstream for months. She has that something, you know?

Anyways, I asked if she'd do a fall round-up of her favorite fall trends... And me-oh-my, I think you'll see why. 

  {You can find all things Ashley, HERE, especially check out her blog, Blashter. For the links to the images, check out her Pinterest boards.}

Sock it to us Ash...

Hi Mommies and readers, I'm Ashley! A non-mom but a very enthusiastic and avid reader of Milk Friendly. I hail from Los Angeles, CA and although I am not a mom yet, I get my fix of children as a product designer for children's hospitals. While I work my bum off starting my own business, I love to blog about and curate everything Fashion, visit me on my Pinterest here if you'd like to follow what I call my "online vision board." Currently I'm pulling together a list of Fall trends and must haves, here are a few of them:
Two Tone Jackets! The leather biker jacket & trench coat are always in season, but what's showing up is a tweaked and oh-so-cool version in the form of mixing colors and fabrics. check these awesome ones and rush over to H&M or for the Burberry knock offs:
Jewels! I tend to be very simplistic when it comes to jewelry, 1 great watch (Michael Kors is my watch of choice) and maybe 1 small necklace. But lately I've been drooling over the large necklace & multiple bracelets trends transferring over from Spring to Fall. The bigger the jewels around the neck the chic-er and the more the friendship bracelets the cooler. Also, try a long Pendant and/or multiple rings for a simple way to be in style:

It doesn't have to be New Years to sparkle! Toss in pieces of glitter to your outfit, whether its an entire glitter dress with a leather bootie or a metallic skirt with a biker jacket, that shimmer will give your outfit a special hint sophistication and fun. The best and most comfy go-to for this look would be heading to Zara for their Gold Metallic pants paired with a tank top, loose t-shirt or denim button up!

especially polka dots over shear awesomeness!
need I say more?
We, nor Fall, are new to blazers, but what's popping up everywhere amongst the best of the best is how we wear them. Try throwing on a blazer without using the sleeves, once you walk around like this you'll never want to fill sleeves again. that is, until you have to pick up something heavier than your purse, like your child.

Hope you had as much fun as I did sorting through some of 2011's Fall Trends!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Nursing Clothes}: When things aren't so Milk-Friendly

Did anyone else get this email from Anthropolgie yesterday, teasing you with this spot-on horizontal striped midi dress? Were you also lamenting over it because there is no way you would gracefully be able to breastfeed in it? Yeah...well me too.

Layered Column Dress, $178

 I did a big {{sigh}}... and then remembered a dress from forever 21 that I had pinned on Pinterest at some point.

f21, $19.80

I know, I know... it's not as amazing as the Anthro dress, but at least it has easy-open buttons for breastfeeding, it's the midi length and it has stripes ( I swear, my heart is covered in stripes.) 

It's a lesson for us breastfeeding mamas, and the purpose for this here blog... yes we may not be able to wear anything and everything we'd like, but at least we are giving our babies what they need. And there is no reason why we should have to give up a fashionable wardrobe along this wonderful journey. With a little research and the right "milk-friendly" eye, we can wear the type of style we'd like to and keep our fashion mojo as well.

So my dear friends... there is hope!

And in other gotta-have-it-news... have you seen these fabulous hand-made hex bracelets? 

Enter the Giveaway
My dear friend Fawn (photographer of Sequins & Candy) is giving one away on her personal blog! She makes them herself and I literally saw an exact replica here in a swanky hotel gift shop for $230! {You can buy her's, made with love for only $30!} It's a no brainer for sure. Her giveaway ends tomorrow morning (Wednesday), so be sure to go there and enter ASAP!

Always keeping my eye out for you,

Monday, August 29, 2011

{Nursing Clothes}: Breastfeeding Hawaiian Style

Aloha Milk-Friendlies!

How has everyone been doing and how have you liked all the awesome guest posts? Pretty fun to hear from moms other than me, right?

Truth be told, I've missed you {awww}, no really, I have. Being "away" from my blog (and you) makes me realize how much I really love writing and connecting with each and every one of you. I feel so lucky to have a place to share my obsession with fashion and boobs (the milking kind) and more importantly, I truly cherish the bond I have with all of you readers... so a big THANKS to all of YOU!!

Enough with the gushy, "I miss you's" and on to some breastfeeding-friendly outfits.

If you want a way to make yourself get dressed in the morning (yes, you in the pj's), then put something on that will make you proud and take a photo of yourself. It works wonders. This could be your way to get yourself out of the new mommy slump and make mama (me) proud! You'll feel a whole lot better about yourself and even be able to go out in public. So take some pics ladies (a phone-mirror shot works) and send them to me ( so I can post them on the facebook page!

Here are some of my phone-mirror shots...

First Week in Kauai

{Day 1}
Top: Target. Shorts: H&M. Necklace: Francesca's
"Easy-Open" Buttons for Breastfeeding

{Day 2}
Top: Francesca's. Shorts & Earrings: Anthro

{Day 3}
Dress: Target. Cropped Tank: Free People. Necklace: Francesca's
I love layering a cropped tank over dresses like this one. Helps cover up nursing bra straps, can turn into a mini nursing cover and helps with proportions.
"Easy-Open" buttons.

{Day 4, I think}
Same cropped tank tucked into dottie shorts. Bandeau swim suit underneath.
All of the afternoon/pre-nap nursing sessions went like this. Sky starts to show signs of sleepiness, he gives me the "milk" sign and tries to pull down at my top. Since we're poolside and I prob have a bandeau swimsuit on, that friendly tug doesn't really fly. Just in our time here in Hawaii, I have trained him to be patient and wait until we sit down somewhere. I am so happy he learned this quickly because it's a part of his 18 month old nursing routine I was not liking. 

Wet boy wrapped up in a towel/nursing cover
Then he passes out, I lay him down somewhere and I have a moment to relax :)

With Loads of Love,

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Friday, August 26, 2011

{Breastfeeding Interview}: Guest Blog- Our Little Lentil

It's always refreshing to find and connect with other hip nursing moms. It makes me oh-so happy to think that we all share a special little bond with one another. This being said, I am on a mission to find and bring to you, other fabulous, breastfeedin' and bloggin'-mamas.

Now we get to meet Kristina and her sweet family from Our Little Lentil.

This is Adelaide aka their 'Little Lentil'.
{There's nothing little about those amazing breastfed rolls! Am I right?}
Read on for more from Kristina...

I started Our Little Lentil to chronicle my pregnancy and all the things that come with bringing a new person into your life. I enjoyed taking weekly pictures of my growing bump and writing love letters to my daughter. Adelaide was born December 22, 2010 and time has just flown! My blog now focuses on this little person who takes up all of the space in my heart and makes every day an adventure.

What were the top 2 reasons you decided to breastfeed?
It was never a decision I had to make. I just knew that breastfeeding would be the way I'd feed my daughter (assuming I had no major medical reasons why it would not work). We try to live a very healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and watching what we put into our bodies is a big part of our daily life. So of course I wanted to make sure that what my daughter got was the healthiest, most nutritious, and most natural food for her, which is my milk. Another big plus (or "reason") for us breastfeeding is COST! I don't have to buy anything fancy to feed Adelaide. My milk is free and always at the ready for her, whenever she needs it.

What are your favorite breastfeeding "must-have" items?

Number one on my list is a good set of nursing pads! I made my own reusuable nursing pads using fleece and thrifted receiving blankets. I made 10 or so and wash them with our cloth diapers or regular laundry to make sure I always have some clean to use. Even 7 months after Adelaide's birth, I still have a heavy letdown and leaking problems from whichever boob she's not eating from, so it's really important to always have some nearby. I always keep an extra pair in the diaper bag, too, to replace if I happen to letdown while I'm out and about.

Have you found yourself sacrificing style in order to be able to dress "milk-friendly"?
Well, I don't consider myself to have much "style." I usually wear jeans or jean shorts and a comfy top. But I have had to think about what tops are "milk-friendly" and which aren't. I can't wear tops that are too form-fitting because they're a pain to retrieve a boob from! Now when I shop, I always think: how will I nurse in this? How discreetly can I do so? A plus, however, I finally fill out shirts a lot better now that I'm breastfeeding!

Have you had any wardrobe malfunctions? If so, I'm sure there's a story, do tell!

No wardrobe malfunctions, but I do have a funny story! For Mother's Day, my husband took me to a local botanical garden. While there, Adelaide needed to eat, so we searched out a somewhat secluded bench at the end of the walkway that ran through the entire gardens. It was lovely: shaded by trees, a nice view of a field, and the smells of beautiful flowers. I hadn't thought to bring a blanket to cover up with (not that Adelaide would have wanted to be covered up on such a warm day anyway), so I was truly nursing in public! Not too many people passed by. I even got a smile from an older lady that boosted my NIP confidence. Then, when we were all settled and she was chugging away, I heard clip-clop-clip-clop. All of a sudden a horse-driven wagon FULL of people came by. Apparently we were sitting right at the end where the horses turned around and headed back to the front of the gardens. I was fine nursing with a few people here and there, but I wasn't ready to put on a show for a carraige full of spectators! It was fine, though, if not a little stress-inducing!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{Guest Post}: The Comedic Misgivings of Motherhood

While my family and I are soakin' up the Hawaiian sun, you get to have some very special moms from around the blogging world, share their thoughts, stories and creativity surrounding the yummy topic of breastfeeding (and motherhood.)

This next guest blogger is the designer behind our favorite maternity line, Julia of Jules Ford Maternity.

{Does this gorgeous numba help refresh your memory?}

The Shane Dress

Julia & Baby Ford

Anywho, this post originally came from Julia's hilarious personal blog Storks and Stilettos, the comedic misgivings of motherhood. I think you'll find it amusing and relate to the message at the end: sometimes we all need to just let go and let our significant others help out in any way they possibly can. So here it is...

Armani Doesn't Make a Blue "Tuxado"

I am not into decorating. It involves measuring which involves math (not my strong suit). My mother on the other hand thinks she’s freaking Jonathan Adler and every time she comes to visit, she confuses my house with the set of an HGTV show. As soon as she walks in the door she wants to rip everything apart. “Darling, your room is too square. You need to add some more circles." Add more circles? To this day I have no idea what the heck she was talking about. My house is an homage to all things gray because everything in my home is that hue with the exception of one room- the nursery. And so we begin………

I am married to the most heterosexual male one could imagine. He likes football, beer, books about war, and though he would never admit it, exotic dancers. “Honey, everyone went to the club but me. I went back to the hotel room and passed out." Sure you did Sweetheart. He dresses like a frat boy, acts like one, and uses the term “bro”. We actually had to plan our wedding around some stupid lame college football game.

So you could imagine my surprise when the one prenatal activity that he insisted on being a part of was decorating the nursery.

I knew it would be blue and classic because we were having a boy and although I am more of a mid century modern kind of gal, I did not want my infant sleeping in Studio 54. I had perused the usual stores and magazines and decided on the shade of blue, but really didn’t do anything else. Truthfully, I sort of forgot about it until one day my mother called me asking if I had gotten a crib. She asked why hadn’t I gone out this weekend to take care of it and she totally freaked me out for being unprepared. I hormonally took this as a direct reflection of my pending parenting skills... this baby didn’t have a call girls chance in church, and someone should just call CPS now.

So that afternoon, the hubs and I took a ride to the mall to check out the latest and greatest in baby gear.

Hubs: “So have you thought of a theme?”

Me: “A theme? A theme for what?”

Hubs: “The nursery!” the exasperation and annoyance in his voice was unnerving.

Me: “It’s a room not a Bar Mitzvah. And what do you know about themes and nurseries? Have you been watching Oprah again?”

Hubs: “Everyone knows you have to have a theme (eye roll)."

This should have been a clear sign of what was to come, but I was too busy trying not to throw up to read the writing on the wall.

As soon as we entered the store, my husband started skipping around like a school girl.

Hubs: “So, I’m thinking sailboats. A nice nautical theme. I love sailing and think he probably will too."

Me: “What the hell are you talking about? You’ve never even been on a sailboat. And I don’t think the theme is going to influence his life choices. What if we do a log cabin theme? Does that mean I’m giving birth to the Unabomber?”

He totally ignored me and then asked to speak to one of their "design specialists". This is when it went from Def-Con 4, to 5.

I had never seen such focus, such intensity. He was like one of those people who spray-tan their infants and enter them into beauty pageants- CRAZY. So here we have me, the size of Texas (and that’s only my cankles we are talking about), and my husband who has morphed into Franck Eggelhoffer (from Father of the Bride). Awesome. I found a little relief in a chair called a rocker (not the kind of rocker I used to know but this was Mommy world) that cost more than my car payment, while Hurricane Window Treatment tore through the store. I swear, the employees must have thought I was the surrogate. I just sat there eating zucchini slices (a pregnancy staple of mine) while "Francky" danced around the store gathering up bedding, books, rugs, nightlights, you name it.

Hubs: “I like this bedding but I am not sure about the shade of blue.”

And that’s when I snapped.

Me: “SHADE? SHADE OF BLUE? The only shade of blue you’re going to have to worry about is the shade of blue your eye will turn after I smack you! What has gotten into you? You didn’t put this much thought into our marriage proposal and all of a sudden you’re going to start writing bad checks so we can turn the baby's room into the Never Land Ranch? YOU HAVE TOTALLY LOST YOUR CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Clearly it was I who had lost their chicken (and mind) because now the entire store was staring at me.

Hubs: ”I just wanted to be a part of something," he said in this small little voice.

It was at that moment that I realized that I was the most rotten person in the world. I finished my zucchini (I needed a snack), got up from the rocker (took me about five minutes) waddled over to the counter, and threw down the AMEX.

From the day we announced our pregnancy, I heard from some mothers that as soon as the baby comes, the husband becomes useless. “It took him 45 minutes to give her a bath when it would have taken me 5,” they would complain. Well at least he’s helping I would think. That’s the thing. As soon as we hit Mommy Mode we think we have to do it all ourselves, and then we try to do it all and then get pissed at our husbands for not helping. It’s a vicious cycle.

The hubs was just trying to help me out. Did he get a little too into it? Yes. Did he annoy the hell out of me? Yes. But anyone would have at that moment. As women, our job is to take care of the baby and we become good at it pretty quickly. Would you be able to go into your husband's office or whatever and be able to do what he does? Not without practice. So let him help. Let him clean your breast pump, dress the baby, whatever he is willing to do. I know some girls who have husbands who I swear don’t know they have fathered children. I don’t know who they think these small people are who sleep in their homes but again, that’s a blog for another time.

So let the husband bathe the baby, even if it takes twelve hours. We are supposed to be teaching our children patience, so maybe (just maybe) we should practice what we preach. Because if you are lucky enough to have him want to help, than you are lucky enough. Even if he does have a little Franck in him.

Monday, August 22, 2011

{Breastfeeding Guest Post}: Milk Poem

While my family and I are soakin' up the Hawaiian sun, you get to have some very special moms from around the blogging world, share their thoughts, stories and creativity surrounding the yummy topic of breastfeeding.

The next fun post is brought to you by Lina, the mama behind For Where E'er We Go.

Maryam asked for some guest posts during her vacations the other week on Twitter and I was all, ohmigosh, please pick me. Much to my surprise, she did! And then, I was all, ummm… shoot. Now I feel pressure to write something meaningful.

Instead, I was inspired by the timeless childhood author Dr. Seuss and equally inspired by breastfeeding mamas who are willing to do whatever it takes to nurse or pump breastmilk for their sons and daughters whenever and wherever they are to ensure that baby gets the best food for them.

And so I give you:

Just Like “Green Eggs and Ham”

Oh little one, my sweet boy Sam
You need some milk, my little man.
So I will nurse you here and there,
Yes, I will nurse you everywhere.

I will nurse you on a train,
At the park and in the rain.
We will breastfeed at the gym,
At the zoo and on a whim.

I will nurse you in my bed,
And when ducts are clogged, even on my head!
I will nurse you in a pew;
Jesus nursed and so do you!

I will breastfeed in the car,
Wave at the people – you’re a star!
I will nurse you on a hike,
While at a play and where you like.

We will breastfeed in Target
The seasonal furniture will help you lay!
You can nurse here on the floor,
While I go potty or at Kohls’ Store.

I will nurse while in Confession –
That is quite the pro-life lesson!
I will nurse you here and there,
You can breastfeed anywhere!

And even when I can’t be right there,
I’ll still pump my milk for you anywhere.
I will pump while at my job,
In a closet or at my FOB.

I will pump while driving fast
Because Mama’s milk is made to last.
I will pump when you’re in NICU
Because only Mama’s milk will do.

You so like my milk, my Sam.
Drink it, drink it, here I am!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

{Fortuna Family Happenings}: A Kauai Photo Update

Aloha everyone!

Just wanted to check-in and share some more photos with you all. We are truly blessed to be spending quality time in paradise with my entire family (my parents, brother, two sisters and their families.) My grandfather has had these timeshares at the resort for years. He is too elderly to make the trip himself, but we are so very thankful to be able to still come and have this special time with one another (Thank you Bapa!)

So, the basic schedule has been: Wake up. Eat some papayas. Put on a boatload of sunscreen. Head to our spot under the tree. Jump back-and-forth from the kiddie pool to the beach. Re-apply sunscreen. Have a smoothie. Breastfeed Sky to sleep. Sky naps on the beach chair. Brian takes Coral to go grab lunch. He passes out. We eat and spend some time in the room (away from the sun) as Coral naps. He wakes up.  Re-apply sunscreen. Back to the pool. Too full from lunch. Take a walk. Watch a movie. Go to sleep. Repeat.

The "uniforms"
Lava Flow: Pina Collada with Strawberries.
Kalapaki Bay in the background.
Sky's new friend. They talked all about the word "no".
Deep Sea Fishing.
Hanging out, waiting for his eats from the Burger Hut.
Coral & Sky with their cousin Rowan
Best Buddies.
Lappert's Ice-cream
The Koi Fish Feeding. Things get very loco. Fish everywhere.
Sky with my big sis Amy.
Hey, it's me with a tan. Psyche! Just Auntie Amy.
My big brother Randall, aka "Uncle".
Taking a cruise on the boogie board.
Sunset hike.
Lava Rocks.
Coral, our Coconut.

I'll be checking in soon with some photos of what I've been wearing and how breastfeeding has been going :)

Have you enjoyed all the guest posts?? I hope so!

All my love,

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