Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nursing Clothes: Mini Mexican Vacation

During some online perusing, I saw this gorgeous poncho-like blouse from Anthro. I fell in love with it for a few reasons... The "easy-open" yellow buttons, billow-y sleeves and that embroidery that makes me want to take the next plane to Mexico {I have the serious June Glooms going on over here.}


Anyways... it brought me loads of sadness when I found out that this sunny poncho has an equally bright price tag {sigh}. So until this colorful blouse goes on sale, I wanted to search for a few more affordable tops with a similar caliente feel and "milk-friendliness."

"Easy-Open" Delia's $39.50
"Easy-Up" Forever 21, $19.80
"Easy-Up" Anthro $78
"Easy-Up" Bluefly $62

Just a little Mexicali inspired style board.

Any hot hot hot vacation plans this summer, Babes?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nursing Clothes: Francesca's Collections Promo Code 30% Off

This here satchel has carried diapers, wipes and all of the above.

Last chance to pounce on a good deal. Get yourself something pretty with a nice 30% off any single item you buy online at Francesca's Collections. Be sure to use the code MARYAM at checkout by June 30th (this Thursday) and come back here to tell me what you got!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morning Stroll Down Hwy 101

So, we've been taking lots of family walks/hikes these days and on this particular occasion, Brian thought it would be fun to just let the kids walk without the stroller. I thought this was a bad idea considering there is a pretty steep hill to traverse and streets to cross before we actually make it to the trail on pacific coast highway.

I had it in my head that letting them run loose would be a horrible idea and I would never be able to get them to sit in the stroller again.

Brian calmly assured me that everything would be a-okay and I (of course) rolled my eyes...  {not very cool on my part}.

When I finally got over the drama in my head and let go, we actually had a really great time. The boys loved being able to trot and explore the path they usually only saw from sitting in the stroller.

And then guess what happened...

This little man sat in his stroller like a dream the very next day :)

Any other Mamas have moments like these, where you are SO focused and convinced that if something were to go a certain way that you're not used to, that everything would hit the fan. Then to find out, everything turned out just fine. This is definitely a lesson I am constantly learning.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cool Blog Features: What to Eat When You're Breastfeeding

I don't know about you, but after the birth of each of my boys, I could literally eat anything put in front of my face. 

Thankfully, I have an amazing mom (you should see her blog & tell her to update!) who did just that: fork-fed and stuffed my face with yummy food as I held and breastfed my new bundles. {Thanks Mommy!} And in all honesty, the best thing or present you can give a new mama is FOOD (some laundry and the dishes doesn't hurt either).

When I saw the guest post that Melissa from Pink Pistachio did for Kristin over at Project: BABY, I knew I needed to re-post! Melissa gives some amazing tips and tricks on staying nourished after having the baby, while also supporting a healthy milk supply.

{Here are some delish picture previews...}

So hop on over to the Project: BABY post to find out about these mouth watering recipes and more!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nursing Clothes: Get the Look and a Francesca's Promo Code

Kind of a perfect outfit in my book: A high-waisted skirt paired with an eyelet crop-top that's tucked in (very necessary that it's cropped- easier to pull up and breastfeed). A light and airy scarf that I can use to discretely nurse, look cool (maybe?) and folds up easy to stuff into my bag. Some wedges to try and make my legs look longer than they actually are, but without the stickiness of a pump-like heel. Oh and my new fave fedora for, well, just because.

FYI: Some of the picks for the style board are different from the ones I'm wearing. A lot of the pieces from Francesca's are from the actual boutique store, not online. Check out the directory here, to find a Francesca's near you!

TOP $58. EARRINGS $16. FEDORA $24. SKIRT $34. SLIP $68. SCARF $18. BRACELET $18. WEDGES $58.

Now, don't you forget that you can get this look and more over at Francesca's online boutique. You can use my nifty promo code "MARYAM" at checkout and get 30% off a single item! Hurry because it only lasts for the month of June!
Click Here

Photo cred: Sequins and Candy Photography

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Well I thought it was better late than never, to give a little Father's Day shout out to my main squeeze, and dad to Coral and Sky, Brian.

He is definitely a hip, stylish dad. I mean, look at the guy, he can pull off some mean skinny jeans and a flannel like it's nobody's biz. He has great taste and actually enjoys shopping and picking out clothes for his wifey. He is a huge supporter of breastfeeding and my number one homebirth cheerleader.

The thing I admire about him the most, is his undying love for kids. Yes he loves our kids the most, but he is seriously enamored with anyone's kids. If we are somewhere with children, he is always the one "manny-ing". And when we go to the park, other children literally flock to him as he ends up engaging the entire park of kiddies. It is the sweetest thing, he just exudes that warm-hearted, fun-loving nature that children can sense.

This makes for an amazing daddy to have on hand. The boys are serious daddy boys and are always ready for a rumble. He takes them for bike rides, colors with side-walk chalk, builds sand forts and even instigates science time with chemical reactions.

He always talks about how we are a part of our children's world, not the other way around. That our purpose for everything is to raise kind-hearted, spiritual kids that will make a difference in society. Everyday he talks about his dream to live a simple life on an island surfing everyday with the boys (and hopefully some little girls!).

The boys and I are so very lucky to have you in our life, Bri. We thank you so much for your hard work to provide for us and appreciate your devotion to spend every extra minute with us. We love you so much!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Blog Interview: Oh Dear Drea

It's always refreshing to find and connect with other hip nursing moms. It makes me oh-so happy to think that we all share a special little bond with one another. This being said, I am on a mission to find and bring to you, other fabulous, breastfeedin' and bloggin'-mamas.

I've been looking forward to introduce you all to the sweetest mama Drea, of Ohdeardrea.

 She is a confident, single mother that oozes creativity, craftiness, honesty, the cutest sense of style and let's not forget her gorgeous baby Marlowe. She says she is a , "vegan mama blogger. Mama to beautiful daughter: Marlowe. I love all things natural, organic, and aesthetically pleasing. I blogcookcraft, and breastfeed. "

Her attention to detail in her darling home is oh-so charming and endearing.  

She also creates the cutest baby mobiles and rattles; Be sure to visit her Etsy shop where you can see her lung mobile, pizza rattle and the watermelon rattle pictured below!

Watermelon Baby Rattle, $11

So now let's hear what this crafty breastfeeding mommy has to say...

What were the top 2 reasons you decided to breastfeed?
For me, formula was out of the question. I consider myself to be a food-activist. I refuse to put chemicals and processed foods in my body, so why would I give them to my kid? There are sooo many chemicals and additives in today's "food", it's no wonder we have so many health problems nowadays. Healthy eating starts before birth, and I'm always going to do what I can to ensure Marlowe has natural and whole foods, and that means: ZERO formula, breastfeeding, &more breastfeeding. It's the only option that makes sense. I now consider myself a food-activist and a lactivist as well :)

What's your breastfeeding "must-have" item?
When I first started breastfeeding it was a nipple shield. Marlowe nursed A LOT &I suffered through A LOT of pain- especially on my right breast. The nipple guard really helped ease the pain in the beginning. Over time the pain lessened and I didn't need it. 
Also, I almost always carry a scarf on hand (even though I live in Florida)-- it's a great cover-up for breast-feeding in public and it's not as obvious as a nursing cover.

Have you found yourself sacrificing style in order to be able to dress "milk-friendly"?
Yes and no. I'm almost always in v-necks &bottoms or in some sort of dress. The v-necks are incredibly convenient-- the dresses? It depends-- sometimes not so much. I try to make it as easy as possible to breastfeed while out-- if it's even going to be a tiny bit of a hassle I usually choose not to wear it, which can be disappointing, but I know, in time, I can wear what I want again. 

Have you had any wardrobe malfunctions? If so, I'm sure there's a story, do tell!
Not really--- maybe a few nip slips here and there. But I'm not the most modest of people-- especially after childbirth. Nipples happen, it's part of life. 

Thank You so very much for sharing Drea! Make sure to look out for more from her, Marlowe and their dog Jerry, here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nursing Clothes: Button-Up Dresses Galore

Rumi Dress, $118

Dresses should be a summer staple for any lovely lady. Trying to find a dress you can easily breastfeed in can sometimes be a roadblock. Thankfully, many designers are giving us some great options with the shirtdress, and the accessibility to breastfeed in them is so ideal.

Here are some of the button-up dresses I am digging...

ASOS Shirt Dress, $51.72
Patterned Fitted Dress, $29.95
ASOS Belted Shirt Dress, $60.34
Rumi Dress in Metallic Twill, $168
Plaid House Dress, $128
Snap-Up Denim Dress, $19.80

A dress like the one below can even be pulled up and tied with a top knot and then paired with some jean shorts.

Motel Celeste Long Line Shirt Dress, $72.40

And for the styleboard. I love the playfulness of this polka dot dress (a print that never goes out of style). And if you haven't already gotten yourself a stamped jewelery piece in honor of your children, you just have to get something from Zoe's gorgeous hand-stamped jewelery. I have two different necklaces from Three Sisters and literally wear them everyday.

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