Monday, March 28, 2011

The Beauty of the Bandeau

With baby number 1, I was truly puzzled by the dressing myself and breastfeeding conundrum. I had bought a bunch of nursing bras (the bravado racer-back kind), which are great, but the only thing I could manage to wear is a top that was the racer-back shape. It took me some time to grow my little stylista de breastfeeding wings and soar into new wardrobe territories.

Then I tried to find an actual strapless nursing bra. I had bought this La Leche League one (pictured on below) that may work on some, but definitely not on me. Nursing holes were too complicated, I couldn't figure out how to use it, it was unflattering and gave too much pressure on the goods. This Lamaze one (below that) might work a little better, but looks very similar to the La Leche League one.

La Leche League= No, no
Lamaze= prob. a dud too

What I would recommend is to get yourself a good ole' bandeau that you know you would already love. Add some organic nursing pads, and you should be golden. You can pretty much figure out a way to wear whatever your heart desires :)

I had a black Calvin Klein bandeau, which they don't even make anymore (could only find here on ebay-which I don't try to bother with these days). Anyways, this little bandeau changed things, changed things a lot. I started to branch out into the new realms of halters, tube-tops, tanks, and more! The options were endless.

Here is a collection of bandeaus that might work for you.

Here is the complete bandeau-ed style board I've created. I hope you likey :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

"Easy Access"

When you become a new mom, your heart grows and adds new chambers of love. Blessings fall down like snowflakes and melt down on those sweet little baby's cheeks. With this said, many many, I mean MANY new challenges appear as well...One of those feats should not be what to wear.

So when it comes to the newborn, I've learned that nursing is all about "easy access". When I say "easy access" I mean things need to be out and ready in just about 1.2 seconds flat. My go-to nursing item for moments such as these, is a nursing cami/tank rather than just a nursing bra... and I will tell you why.

The nursing tank gives you some versatility. You can wear a cute top over the tank, (like the one I chose for the style board below) and have the ability to literally throw it off when things get "heated" (as they usually do when you try to nurse in public for the first few times.) This tank is long (which we all love) and with some practice, is pretty easy to click open and closed with one hand. I bought all of mine on and they come in a bunch of colors.

I also thought I should mention a little bit about nursing pads. I have always opted for the organic, washable kind. For me, I probably bought 2 sets of 6 packs and they've lasted forever and I've never had to throw anything away. They do the job, give some support and end up being more affordable than the disposable kind. I found these on the Bed Bath & Beyond website, $5.99 for a pack of 6!

Here are my complete wardrobe picks... Don't forget the nursing cover!

Earrings $12. Top $30. Necklace $24. Nursing Cover $49. Nursing Pads $5.99. Nursing Tank $44. Stacked Rings $80. Pants $29.95. Sandals $128.
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