Friday, October 14, 2011

{New Sponsor Highlight}: Innobaby

     Ok people, we have a super cool sponsor this month... have you heard of Innobaby? Well, it's a company started by two moms who've created innovative solutions for smart parenting. They pretty much have you covered for all your packin', stackin', feedin' and sleepin' needs.

     First thing you should know (and pretty much the determining factor on whether I buy from a company) is that all of their products are free of BPA-, Phthalates-, PVC- and Lead. Also, it's all microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe (double yes.)

{A few of their Packin' and Stackin' goodies}
Packin' SMART 3 Tier
     All of your desires to organize on-the-go are fulfilled by their VAST variety of perfectly stackable and storable containers. I especially love their glass storage containers (below). We only store leftovers in glass and I love that I can separate leftovers into individual kid sizes AND they stack perfectly so I can save space in our already tiny freezer. 

Keepin' Fresh GLASS Baby Food Storage
     But the part I am most excited about, is their stainless steel products. One of our favorite Southern Indian food restaurants serves everything in stainless steel... their plates, bowls, cups--- EVERYTHING and every time we go there, we always talk about how much we enjoy eating and drinking from them and that we need them. I don't know, there's something it does to keep cold things cool and hot things hot. 

     Anyways, Innobaby has exactly what we were looking for in their line of stainless storage containers, cups and plates! This cup below is AMAZE! It can safely store just about anything (water, juice, yogurt, home made shakes, hot cocoa, dried snacks, and more) with it's plethora of interchangeable accessories.

Keepin' Fresh Kids Stainless Drinking Cup Storage

     And the crowd pleaser has definitely been the stainless steal bus plate. The boys went CRAZY for this one and it's pretty much perfect in every way, (did I mention that it's dishwasher safe?)

Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Plate

      Find out more about their silicone nurser bottle (it has different attachments, even a straw!), their sleep solutions and their bamboo seat topper. You can also keep up to date on new products via their Facebook page and Twitter.

I hope you find their products as cool as I do, and thanks for listening :)

With love,

***Just so you friends know, I was given a a few Innobaby products in order to review this company, but everything I have written is my own and from the heart. I only accept to review products and companies that I truly love. Kapeesh?***


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