Monday, March 28, 2011

The Beauty of the Bandeau

With baby number 1, I was truly puzzled by the dressing myself and breastfeeding conundrum. I had bought a bunch of nursing bras (the bravado racer-back kind), which are great, but the only thing I could manage to wear is a top that was the racer-back shape. It took me some time to grow my little stylista de breastfeeding wings and soar into new wardrobe territories.

Then I tried to find an actual strapless nursing bra. I had bought this La Leche League one (pictured on below) that may work on some, but definitely not on me. Nursing holes were too complicated, I couldn't figure out how to use it, it was unflattering and gave too much pressure on the goods. This Lamaze one (below that) might work a little better, but looks very similar to the La Leche League one.

La Leche League= No, no
Lamaze= prob. a dud too

What I would recommend is to get yourself a good ole' bandeau that you know you would already love. Add some organic nursing pads, and you should be golden. You can pretty much figure out a way to wear whatever your heart desires :)

I had a black Calvin Klein bandeau, which they don't even make anymore (could only find here on ebay-which I don't try to bother with these days). Anyways, this little bandeau changed things, changed things a lot. I started to branch out into the new realms of halters, tube-tops, tanks, and more! The options were endless.

Here is a collection of bandeaus that might work for you.

Here is the complete bandeau-ed style board I've created. I hope you likey :)



Bekki Byrum Smith said...

Thanks a ton! Great links, I can't wait to get me some bandeaus!

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